Make your own silicone mold

Super easy, and super fun! If you have a brooch, button, earring or pendant that you thought would look awesome on some sort of baked good, it couldn’t be easier to make it happen. All you need is about 30 minutes, your silicone compound, pretty things and you’re set!

1) The silicone mold mix. I got this one at Michael’s for $19.99 (Well, really $10.00 after my 50% off coupon). Make sure whatever you get is non-toxic and food safe!This one dries pretty fast, which means you have to work quickly. I have faith in you.

2) Collect pretty things

3) The mix has two containers. Measure out equal parts of the silicone mix. I did 0.5 oz of each. Mix together until the color is uniform. You have about a minute. READY, GO!

4) Smoosh it into a receptacle of your choice and try to smooth out the top as flat as possible.  I used a 1/4 c. measuring cup.

5) Push your pretty things into the putty, deep enough to set all the details in, but not so deep that you end up with a cavernous mold.

6) Let sit long enough to cure. This brand takes 15-20 minutes. If you stick your nail into it and an impression is left behind, it’s not done. Once done, take a knife, pop out the disc, and bend backwards to get all the pretty things out. Voila!

7) WASH YOUR MOLD. Hot water and dish soap. Then fill to your hearts desire. I used white chocolate, let it set, and sloppily threw some luster dust on to bring out the details. Then I used Instagram to make them look a little less sloppy. Voila!